Repeating Subfields and Multiple Text with ckanext-scheming

ckanext-scheming 2.1 now support Datasets with repeating subfields and repeating text fields. Repeating subfieds support custom snippets and validation just like regular fields.

This work is inspired by the excellent ckanext-composite extension and replaces ckanext-repeating repeating_text fields.

You must be using CKAN 2.8 or later and a custom IPackageController plugin to index datasets with repeating subfields.

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Faster datastore_search in CKAN

CKAN’s datastore_search now comes with format options and is up to 17x faster.

This article covers:

  • new total row calculation
  • new result generation
  • new record formats

datastore_search Performance Improvements


  1. Use CKAN 2.7 or later and resource views and other code that uses datastore_search is faster with no other changes required
  2. Update your datastore_search client code to use one of the new records_format=csv and/or include_total=false options to make it much, much faster
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Resample NumPy Array without Feature Loss

For pyrf I needed to take data from a frequency plot, which could be any number of points, and present it as a spectrogram that fills the view size exactly. In the spectrogram I only care about the maximum values that appear in the range of frequencies represented by each pixel.

If I could just divide the number of source bins by an integer factor the solution would be simple:

return np.amax(data.reshape((-1, factor)), axis=1)

But I have to be able to handle any number of source bins and output that to any number of pixels.

Fortunately numpy is awesome.

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