ckanext-scheming 3.0 and Dataset Form Pages

Ian Ward · November 24, 2022

ckanext-scheming 3.0 form pages

ckanext-scheming is a CKAN extension for customizing dataset, group and organization metadata forms, validation rules and display templates.

With ckanext-scheming 3.0 CKAN dataset metadata forms may now be split across multiple pages using start_form_page.

Example ckanext-scheming schema:

- start_form_page:
    title: Detailed Info
      These fields improve search and give users important links

  field_name: tag_string
  label: Tags

Each start_form_page block marks a field at the beginning of a new page of fields. All following fields without a new start_form_page block will appear on the same page. This lets us maintain compatibility with existing schemas and makes it easy to reassign pages over time without affecting how metadata appears in the API.

This ckanext-scheming release also comes with:

  • datastore_additional_choices option for adding static choices to a dynamic choice list
  • new markdown and radio field form snippets and presets
  • automated tests against CKAN 2.8 (py2), 2.9 (py2), 2.9 and 2.10

and many other fixes and improvements. See the changelog for all the details.


Some features in this release were sponsored by Texas Natural Resources Information System, the Texas Water Development Board, AppGeo and datHere in connection with the upcoming Texas Water Data Hub project.