Character LCD Video: Star Wars "No Moon" Scene

Ian Ward · July 24, 2022

That's No Moon

We crank up the bit rate for a widescreen character LCD video experience using our new 512K flash.

Based on the encoder we developed for our Bad Apple on 32K EEPROM video but with our clock running 25x faster, we test the limits of our LCD character display.

This circuit has no CPU and instead uses a simple 256-byte lookup table to drive a 20x4 LCD character display. Our LCD has only 8 CGRAM characters so we juggle those 8 characters across the video area as needed.

Some parts of the video fare better than others. Lots of movement and large monochrome areas are good, but finer details like talking faces are not.

Source code is available on github and the circuit is the one we built as part of completing step one of our Homebrew CPU project