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Posted on 2009-08-23, last modified 2012-04-09.

I set out to create a generic class that would extend a python list by adding a "focus". The focus is an index in the list, and it will be moved if any items are added or removed before the focus in the list. It could be used to keep track of where you are in a list that is changing while you are processing it, but I wrote it as part of making my Urwid container widgets more user-friendly.

The result is a little more complicated than I imagined.

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Urwid Lightning Talk (PyCon 2009)
Urwid Lightning Talk Slides (PyCon 2009) link
Posted on 2009-04-06.

I stood up in front of a few hundred PyCon attendees in the afternoon of March 28 to deliver a short lightning talk on Urwid. I have now posted the "slides" from that talk in the urwid-contrib repository.

The video of my talk is available on the PyCon site if you don't mind waiting for the video to load half way (I couldn't get seeking to work from here). The video quality of the presentation is poor, however, so I would suggest running it yourself it you're interested.

This is how you can get it running on your computer:

hg clone https://excess.org/hg/urwid-contrib
hg clone https://excess.org/hg/urwid
ln -s ../urwid/urwid urwid-contrib

The slides use Urwid's new 256-colour support and palette setting features. The latter is only supported by xterm, so for the full effect be sure to run it with xterm.

Tags: Urwid Software Python

Posted on 2009-03-13.

This is a maintenance release that adds compatibility with Python 2.6 and fixes a number of bugs.

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Tags: Urwid Python

Pycon 2009
Pycon 2009 link
Posted on 2009-03-03.

I have a chance to attend PyCon again this year and I hope to grab one of the lightning talk spots this year to promote Urwid. Either way I will post my presentation showing some of the newest features.

Tags: Urwid Python

Urwid palette_test.py on rxvt
Posted on 2009-01-19.

The latest development version of Urwid's raw_display module now supports 88 and 256-colour modes. Colour modes now also support underline, standout, and bold(separate from bright colours when available.)

The default high colour palettes include a colour cube (4x4x4 or 6x6x6) and a gray scale (8 or 24 values.) I made the assumption that most application developers won't care whether a user has 88 or 256 colours, just that they have more than the usual 16. This led me to the following naming scheme for high colours:

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Twisted Logo
Urwid Gets Twisted Support link
Posted on 2008-09-14.

Walter Mundt contributed twisted support for Urwid in the new function twisted_main_loop(). This function behaves similarly to the new generic_main_loop() in the development version of Urwid.

Tags: Urwid Python

Posted on 2008-07-15.

This is a maintenance release that fixes a memory leak and a canvas bug affecting Urwid 0.9.8, and

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Speedometer 2.6 Screenshot (scaled)
Posted on 2008-05-30.

In this release the scale maximum has been moved to above 1GB/s (for all the people with really fast network adapters out there) and a number of small improvements were made.

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Tags: Urwid Speedometer Python

Posted on 2008-05-19.

This is a maintenance release that fixes a number of bugs that have been found in

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XTerm 256-Colour Chart (Cows)
Posted on 2007-10-20, last modified 2011-12-08.

UPDATE: Code for this project is now on github and patches are being accepted!

Announcing XTerm Colour Chart 2.0 “Old and busted: Colour Cubes. New hotness: Colour Cows” release.

The script has been completely rewritten. It now requires python 2.3 or later for the optparse command-line parsing module.

Many new features have been added to this version:

xterm_colour_chart.py: browse source / download

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