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Posted on 2009-03-08.

This release fixes a number of bugs in the 1.5 release:

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Posted on 2009-02-13.

This release improves Django 1.0 integration with shortcuts for creating views, emulating templates, and displaying forms. The tutorial now includes Django examples, and new HTML markup functions were added.

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Fixed Layout Example
Posted on 2007-10-02, last modified 2007-10-03.

I recently put together a page with some wedding photos and I wanted to create something a little different than the standard web photo galleries you can find everywhere. I decided to lay out the thumbnails overlapping and clustered on the page, based on their subjects.

My first thought was to mock-up the page using Inkscape then copy and paste coordinates and sizes from its interface. Fortunately Inkscape's file format is dead-simple and all I had to do was write a little script and I could generate HTML and thumbnails straight from my Inkscape layout.

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Django-powered excess.org link
Posted on 2007-06-03, last modified 2007-06-22.

After eight years as a static page with a bunch of links, excess.org has gone dynamic. I've used the Django web development framework and my own Templayer HTML templating library to update the site. I hope to use this page to announce updates to my projects and write occasionally about things I am working on.

Tags: Django Templayer Python