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datastore_search Performance Improvements
Posted on 2017-08-04, last modified 2017-08-10.

The newly released CKAN 2.7 adds new functionality and makes DataStore search up to 17x faster at the same time.

This article covers:

  • new total row calculation
  • new result generation
  • new record formats


  1. Upgrade to 2.7 then resource views and other code that uses datastore_search is faster with no other changes required
  2. Update your datastore_search client code to use one of the new records_format=csv and/or include_total=false options to make it much, much faster

update This post now appears on the ckan.org blog

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Tags: Software Python CKAN

Urwid 1.3.1 Released link
Posted on 2015-11-01.

Urwid 1.3.1 is now available at urwid.org and on pypi. This is a bug fix release that includes a number of small fixes.

Complete changelog

Tags: Urwid Software Python

Urwid turns 10
Urwid 1.3.0 Released link
Posted on 2014-10-17.

Urwid 1.3.0 is now available at urwid.org and on pypi. This is a major feature release including new asyncio event loop support. Thank you to all the new contributors.

Complete changelog

Happy 10th birthday Urwid!

Tags: Urwid Software Python

Urwid 1.2.2 Released link
Posted on 2014-10-06.

Urwid 1.2.2 is now available at urwid.org and on pypi. This is a bug fix release that includes a fix for a serious performance regression.

Complete changelog

Tags: Urwid Software Python

Posted on 2014-10-03.

For pyrf I needed to take data from a frequency plot, which could be any number of points, and present it as a spectrogram that fills the view size exactly. In the spectrogram I only care about the maximum values that appear in the range of frequencies represented by each pixel.

If I could just divide the number of source bins by an integer factor the solution would be simple:

return np.amax(data.reshape((-1, factor)), axis=1)

But I have to be able to handle any number of source bins and output that to any number of pixels.

Fortunately numpy is awesome.

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Tags: Software Python

Posted on 2014-09-12.

I've been working on two new CKAN extensions that I'm really excited about. Since I helped build the custom metadata schema for http://data.gc.ca/ I've never been completely satisfied with the approach we took. These new extensions are the start of a proper solution to the compromises we made.

The new extensions are:

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Tags: Software CKAN

Speaking at IASA Open Source E-Summit link
Posted on 2014-05-10.

I will be speaking about contributing to Open Source software by webcast at the Global IT Architect Association's E-Summit on Open Source on May 16 at 2pm ET. It's free to join, listen in and ask questions.

Tags: Software Video

Posted on 2014-04-04, last modified 2014-04-09.

What does bar.foo do? - An exploration of Python assignment, objects, attributes and descriptors

This is a talk I gave March 27, 2014 at the Ottawa Python Authors Group meetup.

Follow along with the IPython notebook version if you would like to play with the code examples.

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Tags: Ottawa Software Python OPAG

Urwid 1.2.0 Released link
Posted on 2014-02-09.

Urwid 1.2.0 is now available at http://urwid.org/ and on pypi. Lots of new features:

Complete changelog

Tags: Urwid Software Python

urwid.org, 1.1.2 Released link
Posted on 2013-12-30, last modified 2014-01-04.

Urwid's home page has moved to http://urwid.org/

Source control, issue tracking and wiki pages are now hosted on github. The new home page and changelog are now generated by sphinx like the Urwid manual, tutorial and reference.

The bug-fix-only release Urwid 1.1.2 is now available at http://urwid.org/ and on pypi.

Tags: Urwid Software Python

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