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Django talk at FOSSLC Summercamp/Geocamp 2009 link
Posted on 2009-03-31.

I will be giving an introductory Django talk at The Free and Open Source Software Learning Centre (FOSSLC) Summercamp/Geocamp 2009 Conference. The conference is taking place on May 13, 14, and 15 at Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and early bird pricing is available until April 5.

Tags: Django Ottawa Linux Python FOSSLC

Posted on 2009-03-13.

This is a maintenance release that adds compatibility with Python 2.6 and fixes a number of bugs.

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Tags: Urwid Python

Ottawa Python Authors Group Meeting link
Posted on 2009-03-08.

The Ottawa Python Authors Group is having a meeting tomorrow (Monday) and Michael Soulier will be presenting talks on concurrency in Django, and an Introduction to Git. It has been a while since the last meeting and this promises to be a good one.

Tags: Django Ottawa Git Python

Posted on 2009-03-08.

This release fixes a number of bugs in the 1.5 release:

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Tags: Django Templayer Python

Pycon 2009
Pycon 2009 link
Posted on 2009-03-03.

I have a chance to attend PyCon again this year and I hope to grab one of the lightning talk spots this year to promote Urwid. Either way I will post my presentation showing some of the newest features.

Tags: Urwid Python

Posted on 2009-02-13.

This release improves Django 1.0 integration with shortcuts for creating views, emulating templates, and displaying forms. The tutorial now includes Django examples, and new HTML markup functions were added.

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Tags: Django Templayer Python

Urwid palette_test.py on rxvt
Posted on 2009-01-19.

The latest development version of Urwid's raw_display module now supports 88 and 256-colour modes. Colour modes now also support underline, standout, and bold(separate from bright colours when available.)

The default high colour palettes include a colour cube (4x4x4 or 6x6x6) and a gray scale (8 or 24 values.) I made the assumption that most application developers won't care whether a user has 88 or 256 colours, just that they have more than the usual 16. This led me to the following naming scheme for high colours:

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Tags: Urwid Python

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Urwid Gets Twisted Support link
Posted on 2008-09-14.

Walter Mundt contributed twisted support for Urwid in the new function twisted_main_loop(). This function behaves similarly to the new generic_main_loop() in the development version of Urwid.

Tags: Urwid Python

Django Logo
Posted on 2008-09-06, last modified 2008-09-14.

This is a recording of the presentation I gave to the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group (OCLUG) on September 2 about their Django-based web site. I covered the server and virtualhost configuration for OCLUG, and two new features recently added to the site. I also presented some general information about how Django handles requests and discussed some of the code for the new features.

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Tags: Django OCLUG Video Python

OCLUG Web Site Upgraded to Django 1.0 Beta 2 link
Posted on 2008-09-01.

Just in time for my presentation tomorrow I have upgraded the OCLUG web site to Django 1.0 beta 2. I have also added a media file listing page and an Ottawa area Linux/OSS Job board application.

Tags: Django OCLUG Python

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