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Python 3 Argument Sketch Slide
Python 3 Argument Sketch Slides link
Posted on 2011-06-14.

Here are the slides from my Python talk at OLS this afternoon.

Tags: Ottawa OLS Software Linux Python

Python 2 and 3 Slides link
Posted on 2011-05-19, last modified 2011-05-23.

Catching up on some more old business: here are the slides from the Python 2 and Python 3 talk I gave at last month's OCLUG meeting.

I am also preparing some Python tutorials for the upcoming 2011 Linux Symposium in Ottawa June 13-15. Hope you can make it.

Tags: Ottawa OCLUG OLS Software Linux Python

Posted on 2009-07-18.

Another year another Linux Symposium. Here are links to some of the talks I enjoyed most (mainly so I can find them again later)

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Tags: OLS Software Linux

Linux Symposium 2008
Posted on 2008-07-29.

Jean Richard has improved the file names of the split-up proceedings of the Linux Symposium from 2001 to 2008, and I have hosted them here.

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Don't buy anything from Samsung link
Posted on 2008-07-25.

I just came from a presentation purported to be about a stackable filesystem from Samsung called SynergyFS. The talk was more of a hardware sales pitch with no technical details, and technology that "can't be released under the GPL because if we give it to you you can give it to anyone else."

Samsung definitely doesn't get Linux and Open Source and deserves to remain on the "to avoid" list when purchasing new hardware.

Tags: OLS Hardware

Pitfalls of a Kernel Debugger Paper and Resources link
Posted on 2008-07-25.

Frank Rowand's paper on "Pitfalls of a Kernel Debugger" did not make in into the Linux Symposium Proceedings this year, so I have posted them here:

Tags: OLS

NASA 10240-CPU Supercomputer
Posted on 2007-07-04, last modified 2007-07-07.

OLS topics on the last day including Extreme High Performance Computing, the Linux Desktop Audio Mess and IOMMU Performance

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Tags: OLS Linux

Puppies! (Lguest logo)
Posted on 2007-06-29, last modified 2007-07-03.

OLS topics on day three including Lguest, SMB2, Large memory allocations and Concurrent Pagecache.

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Tags: OLS Linux

Posted on 2007-06-28, last modified 2007-07-01.

OLS topics on day two including Linux Kernel Development, EXT4, Cell Broadband Engine, Debugging Google clusters and LinuxBIOS.

All the OLS papers have now been posted. The talks were recorded this year, and the videos may be released online for free once the cost of production is covered by purchased copies. Contact Andrew Hutton if you can help by purchasing a copy.

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Tags: OLS Linux

OLS 2007 Programme
Posted on 2007-06-27, last modified 2007-07-01.

The ninth annual OLS has begun in Ottawa's sweltering summer heat.

There are as many as three different talks and two different tutorial topics being presented in each time slot. This is a summary of the talks I attended in day 1.

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