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datastore_search Performance Improvements
Posted on 2017-08-04, last modified 2017-08-10.

The newly released CKAN 2.7 adds new functionality and makes DataStore search up to 17x faster at the same time.

This article covers:

  • new total row calculation
  • new result generation
  • new record formats


  1. Upgrade to 2.7 then resource views and other code that uses datastore_search is faster with no other changes required
  2. Update your datastore_search client code to use one of the new records_format=csv and/or include_total=false options to make it much, much faster

update This post now appears on the ckan.org blog

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ckanapi and ckanext-scheming link
Posted on 2015-06-01.

I had the pleasure of co-hosting CKANCon last week and presented a short talk on ckanapi and ckanext-scheming.

Here's a link to my slides.

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Posted on 2014-09-12.

I've been working on two new CKAN extensions that I'm really excited about. Since I helped build the custom metadata schema for http://data.gc.ca/ I've never been completely satisfied with the approach we took. These new extensions are the start of a proper solution to the compromises we made.

The new extensions are:

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