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Write the Docs

Write the Docs
Posted on 2013-04-06, last modified 2013-10-14.

I've spent a lot of time with Sphinx this past year working on updating and improving the Urwid documentation. I've found writing documentation is a really hard but also really important and rewarding part of my programming work.

update 2013-10-14: videos posted here

Notable talks: Integrating Development, Documentation and Reporting, Getting Developers and Engineers to Write the Docs, How Mozilla supports users all over the world, Typography for Docs, Write Tight(er)

At this conference I learned lots of things I'm doing wrong. Dark borders on my urwid docs detract from the most important thing: the content. I should be limiting the number of characters per line.

I liked the suggestion that a FAQ is a list of bugs. If people really are asking these questions all the time, why not fix the software?

I also learned a lot about writing in general, and had lots of fun. I couldn't get used to some people saying just "doc" (without the s) for documentation, however.

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