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Urwid 1.0.0 Released

Posted on 2011-09-23.

This is a major feature release for Urwid.

Happy 1.0 Urwid! It's been a great nearly-seven years since our first release. Huge thanks to everyone that's contributed code, docs, bug reports and help on the mailing list and IRC.

It's the first official release that has support for Python 3.

There's a new experimental Terminal widget so you can terminal while you terminal or write a screen-clone.

There's a new example showing how to serve Urwid interfaces to many users simultaneously over ssh with Twisted.

There are new classes to help with creating dynamic tree views of anything you have that's tree-like.

There are new widgets for working with pop-ups so you can now have all the menu bars, drop-downs and combo-boxes you can write.

The old requirement to sprinkle draw_screen() calls around your callbacks is gone. Urwid now updates the screen automatically after everything else is done.

There's a new simple MainLoop method for catching updates from other threads and processes. No need to manually fumble with os.pipe() and event loops.

And lots more. See the full changelog.

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