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Running a User Group Web Site with Django 1.0

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Posted on 2008-09-06, last modified 2008-09-14.

This is a recording of the presentation I gave to the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group (OCLUG) on September 2 about their Django-based web site. I covered the server and virtualhost configuration for OCLUG, and two new features recently added to the site. I also presented some general information about how Django handles requests and discussed some of the code for the new features.

My talk is based on the OCLUG web sites: * - the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group web site * - Planet OCLUG feed aggregator The Media File view source examples: * * * * * - the Media File browsing page The new Jobs Application source examples: * * * * * * - the OCLUG Jobs page * - the OCLUG New Job Posting page The Jobs Application feed source: * * * Links in the final slides: * - OCLUG site installation instructions (for developing on your own computer) * - Trac-based wiki and OCLUG source code * - Django downloads, documentation, community etc.

Tags: Django OCLUG Video Python