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OCLUG August Kernel Walkthrough: The Boot Process

The Boot Process
Posted on 2008-08-24, last modified 2011-05-23.

This is a recording of the second Kernel Walkthrough given by Bart Trojanowski for the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group. This time Bart covers the x86 boot process in Linux. He gives a presentation with Q+A in the first hour. In the second hour he walks thorough the Linux C and assembly code itself.

We were generously hosted again by TheCodeFactory, a local hotbed of high-tech startup companies.

Special thanks again to Richard Guy Briggs for help with this recording.

All my attempts to convert the first part of the presentation to Vorbis/Theora for download have so far failed. The offending FLV file is here, if you are able to convert it please drop me an email, Here is the part that worked:

[x86 Boot Process Part 2 - Download OGV file]

NOTE from the speaker:

I have made a mistake in the presentation. When you see MMU (memory management unit), I really meant MC (memory controller). On x86, and many others, the MMU is part of the CPU, caches see physical addresses, and the MC gets physical address requests. Sorry about the mistake and enjoy the rest of the talk.



Bart Trojanowski

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Jukie Networks Inc. TheCodeFactory Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group

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