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New Super Mario Brothers without Pressing Dash

New Super Mario Brothers
Posted on 2008-08-14, last modified 2008-08-15.

The game and level designers at Nintendo truly brilliant every now and then. When looking for a way to make the New Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo DS more challenging I decided to try playing it with only one of the two primary buttons given to maneuver the little rotund plumber about. I figured that by only jumping and never pressing the dash button that I might be able to beat the game but that most of the secrets would be out of reach.

In fact, all the levels can be completed, 98% of the coins collected and 83% of the secret level exits accessed without ever pressing dash. And the game is much harder (it really was too easy to start with.)

Coins and exits I couldn't reach (non-spoiler version):

If you find a way to get any of these with only the jump button and power ups, please send me an email.

Really hard to reach/tricky coins (WITH SPOILERS):

Most of the coins that are out of reach without dash can be grabbed with Mega-Mario or Mini-Mario, but these are a few that deserve special mention.

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