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OCLUG June Kernel Walkthrough

OCLUG June Tutorial
Posted on 2008-07-02, last modified 2008-08-24.

This is a recording of the first Kernel Walkthrough given by Bart Trojanowski for the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group. He starts with a presentation introducing some Linux development background, file layout and data types. The code walkthrough covers some important files and Linux list and bit modification APIs.

The talk was hosted by TheCodeFactory, a new meeting place for high-tech startups right in downtown Ottawa. This is the first time we used the space and I look forward to returning.

Here's a list of the tools I used to produce the videos. I should did blog a screencast-howto at a later date.

We had some problems with the audio in the walkthrough videos. Next walkthrough I hope to have the right equipment for recording audience questions.

UPDATE July 12: I have converted the videos to Ogg Theora/Vorbis format for downloading (right-click, save as...):
[Presentation - 72,406,759] [Code Walkthrough Part 1 - 90,927,128] [Code Walkthrough Part 2 - 42,170,819]


Bart Trojanowski

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Jukie Networks Inc. TheCodeFactory Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group

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