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excess.org back (almost) link
Posted on 2008-12-05.

Hardware failure is never fun, least of all when it coincides with major family events.

I have propped up a temporary backup of excess.org until the failed hardware can be replaced, so for now, excess.org is back online.

Tags: Site News

Twisted Logo
Urwid Gets Twisted Support link
Posted on 2008-09-14.

Walter Mundt contributed twisted support for Urwid in the new function twisted_main_loop(). This function behaves similarly to the new generic_main_loop() in the development version of Urwid.

Tags: Urwid Python

Django Logo
Posted on 2008-09-06, last modified 2008-09-14.

This is a recording of the presentation I gave to the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group (OCLUG) on September 2 about their Django-based web site. I covered the server and virtualhost configuration for OCLUG, and two new features recently added to the site. I also presented some general information about how Django handles requests and discussed some of the code for the new features.

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Tags: Django OCLUG Video Python

OCLUG Web Site Upgraded to Django 1.0 Beta 2 link
Posted on 2008-09-01.

Just in time for my presentation tomorrow I have upgraded the OCLUG web site to Django 1.0 beta 2. I have also added a media file listing page and an Ottawa area Linux/OSS Job board application.

Tags: Django OCLUG Python

The Boot Process
Posted on 2008-08-24, last modified 2011-05-23.

This is a recording of the second Kernel Walkthrough given by Bart Trojanowski for the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group. This time Bart covers the x86 boot process in Linux. He gives a presentation with Q+A in the first hour. In the second hour he walks thorough the Linux C and assembly code itself.

We were generously hosted again by TheCodeFactory, a local hotbed of high-tech startup companies.

Special thanks again to Richard Guy Briggs for help with this recording.

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Tags: OCLUG Video Linux

LWN article on Audio Streaming over Bluetooth link
Posted on 2008-08-15.

I have written a second article for LWN.net: "Audio Streaming over Bluetooth". If you don't already subscribe, go sign up now — excluding my writing their articles are great.

Tags: Hardware Linux LWN.net

New Super Mario Brothers
Posted on 2008-08-14, last modified 2008-08-15.

The game and level designers at Nintendo truly brilliant every now and then. When looking for a way to make the New Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo DS more challenging I decided to try playing it with only one of the two primary buttons given to maneuver the little rotund plumber about. I figured that by only jumping and never pressing the dash button that I might be able to beat the game but that most of the secrets would be out of reach.

In fact, all the levels can be completed, 98% of the coins collected and 83% of the secret level exits accessed without ever pressing dash. And the game is much harder (it really was too easy to start with.)

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Tags: Games

LWN article on MARS and Cell processor link
Posted on 2008-07-31.

For the LWN subscribers reading: I have written an article for LWN.net titled "MARS and The Cell Broadband Architecture". It will be available to non-subscribers in a couple weeks.

Tags: Hardware Linux LWN.net

Linux Symposium 2008
Posted on 2008-07-29.

Jean Richard has improved the file names of the split-up proceedings of the Linux Symposium from 2001 to 2008, and I have hosted them here.

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Tags: OLS Linux

Don't buy anything from Samsung link
Posted on 2008-07-25.

I just came from a presentation purported to be about a stackable filesystem from Samsung called SynergyFS. The talk was more of a hardware sales pitch with no technical details, and technology that "can't be released under the GPL because if we give it to you you can give it to anyone else."

Samsung definitely doesn't get Linux and Open Source and deserves to remain on the "to avoid" list when purchasing new hardware.

Tags: OLS Hardware

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