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Posted on 2009-12-27, last modified 2010-01-21.

Something that has annoyed me for some time now (but not enough to google it, apparently) is Thunderbird's reply header. The default reply header has no date and time. Turning it on turns out to be pretty simple, it just hasn't been added to the configuration dialogs it seems. I need to do this on all the systems I check mail from so I'm documenting it here.

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Urwid palette_test.py on rxvt
Urwid 0.9.9 Released link
Posted on 2009-11-16.

This release includes many new features developed since the last major release. Urwid now supports 256 and 88 color terminals. A new MainLoop class has been introduced to tie together widgets, user input, screen display and an event loop. Twisted and GLib-based event loops are now supported directly. A new AttrMap class now allows mapping any attribute to any other attribute. Most of the code base has been cleaned up and now has better documentation and testing. Lots of other improvements are listed in the changelog.

Tags: Urwid Python

Posted on 2009-08-23, last modified 2012-04-09.

I set out to create a generic class that would extend a python list by adding a "focus". The focus is an index in the list, and it will be moved if any items are added or removed before the focus in the list. It could be used to keep track of where you are in a list that is changing while you are processing it, but I wrote it as part of making my Urwid container widgets more user-friendly.

The result is a little more complicated than I imagined.

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Tags: Urwid Software Python

Posted on 2009-07-25.

watch(1) is a very useful little tool when you want to see the results of a command changing over time.

Unfortunately it seems that it doesn't support Unicode or colours in its output. This is a short bash function that does much of what watch can do, but with no trouble handling Unicode or coloured output.

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Tags: Software Linux

Posted on 2009-07-21, last modified 2009-11-19.

Django's forms have fields like models, but you access them in a completely different way. I've found it hard to remember the correct way to access form field data properly, so this is a summary of the things I need to do with forms and how to do them. In particular these are useful in the form's __init__ method after calling super() to set up the form the way you want to.

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Tags: Django

Posted on 2009-07-18.

Another year another Linux Symposium. Here are links to some of the talks I enjoyed most (mainly so I can find them again later)

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Ian Ward talking about Django 1.1
Posted on 2009-06-10, last modified 2010-08-29.

This is a video of the Django 1.1 talk I gave last night for the Ottawa Python Authors Group. We were bumped out of our reserved room so I did the talk in the pub. The timing worked out quite well, I just finished answering questions as game 6 was starting in the background.

Thank you to Andrew Ross and FOSSLC for doing the recording and setting everything up.

You will need Flash 10 to hear the audio for this presentation. If you don't like flash, please send a polite note to the ePresence people asking for them to support other formats.

Update: "we got screwed by the company we were dealing with for the software & hosting and the talk is lost" And sorry, I have no back-up either. The text from this talk is still available.

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Tags: Django Ottawa Software Video Python FOSSLC OPAG

Django 1.1 Talk at Ottawa Python Authors Group link
Posted on 2009-06-07, last modified 2009-06-10.

I will be giving my Django 1.1 talk at The Ottawa Python Authors Group meeting on Tuesday.

UPDATE: A video of my talk is now available

Tags: Django Ottawa Software Python OPAG

Django 1.1 Layers
Posted on 2009-05-16, last modified 2009-05-19.

This is the text from the Django 1.1 talk I gave on Friday May 15 at Algonquin College for FOSSLC's Geocamp/Summercamp 2009.

I have tried to format this in a way that is well suited to skimming and easier to access from the web than reading the original slides. If you find this useful, please let me know.

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Tags: Django Ottawa Software Python FOSSLC

LWN article on Alternatives to SQL Databases link
Posted on 2009-04-16.

I have written a third article for LWN.net: "Alternatives to SQL Databases". If you're not a subscriber, check back in a couple weeks when it will be free for everyone.

Tags: Software Linux LWN.net

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