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Pitfalls of a Kernel Debugger Paper and Resources link
Posted on 2008-07-25.

Frank Rowand's paper on "Pitfalls of a Kernel Debugger" did not make in into the Linux Symposium Proceedings this year, so I have posted them here:

Tags: OLS

Posted on 2008-07-15.

This is a maintenance release that fixes a memory leak and a canvas bug affecting Urwid 0.9.8, and

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Tags: Urwid Python

Git Logo
Posted on 2008-07-13, last modified 2008-08-01.

This is a recording of the Git tutorial given by Bart Trojanowski for the Ottawa Group of Ruby Enthusiasts.

The talk was hosted by Jay Lawrence of Infonium.

Special thanks to Richard Guy Briggs for help with this recording. UPDATE: Richard has posted photos of the talk

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Tags: Video Git

Posted on 2008-07-05.

This article covers the process I used to create the screencast of Bart's first Kernel Walkthrough.

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Tags: Software Video Linux Python

OCLUG June Tutorial
Posted on 2008-07-02, last modified 2008-08-24.

This is a recording of the first Kernel Walkthrough given by Bart Trojanowski for the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group. He starts with a presentation introducing some Linux development background, file layout and data types. The code walkthrough covers some important files and Linux list and bit modification APIs.

The talk was hosted by TheCodeFactory, a new meeting place for high-tech startups right in downtown Ottawa. This is the first time we used the space and I look forward to returning.

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Tags: Ottawa OCLUG Video Linux

Speedometer 2.6 Screenshot (scaled)
Posted on 2008-05-30.

In this release the scale maximum has been moved to above 1GB/s (for all the people with really fast network adapters out there) and a number of small improvements were made.

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Tags: Urwid Speedometer Python

Posted on 2008-05-19.

This is a maintenance release that fixes a number of bugs that have been found in

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Tags: Urwid Python

wmii logo
Posted on 2008-03-09.

Mousing around on my laptop is quite tiring, so I've been running the wmii tiling window manager on with the wmiirc-lua replacement event loop instead of Gnome for a few weeks now. I used powertop to measure the wmii's effect on my power usage, and wicd to replace the Gnome-centric NetworkManager application.

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Tags: Software

Posted on 2008-01-01, last modified 2008-05-14.

I recently purchased a new Lenovo X61 laptop to run Linux for work. This article covers my experiences with three different distributions.

Executive Summary:

Lenovo customer support is excellent. Fedora 8 and Ubuntu 7.10 work very well, Centos 5.1 (and presumably RHEL 5.1) are not recommended.

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Tags: Hardware Linux

XTerm 256-Colour Chart (Cows)
Posted on 2007-10-20, last modified 2011-12-08.

UPDATE: Code for this project is now on github and patches are being accepted!

Announcing XTerm Colour Chart 2.0 “Old and busted: Colour Cubes. New hotness: Colour Cows” release.

The script has been completely rewritten. It now requires python 2.3 or later for the optparse command-line parsing module.

Many new features have been added to this version:

xterm_colour_chart.py: browse source / download

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Tags: Urwid Software Python

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